October 6, 2010

The Butterfly Affect

I Started growing breast when I was eight years old, from that day on I started my journey of trying to  find the perfect bra. Thirteen years later, I have finally got my hands on not just one but three. Thanks to the beautiful and talented Jill Scott who has designed a bra line for the plus size retail store Ashley Stewart. The Butterfly Bra collection is one word.....Amazing! Though it debuted years ago I just purchased me some after I was told how great they were by a friend. So I too want to spread the love of this collection to all of you, my fab followers!

 The journey has been so long for me because.......

 I have large breast. I can't go into a local store like target and purchase bras simply because they don't carry my size.Even when I luck up and find my size the quality of the bra isn't the best for my size breast.  Having large breast has had a huge affect on my body. I was really thin in my pre-teens and early teen years, so carrying around my breast wasn't fun and definitely isn't fun now. I had back and shoulder pains and because of the thin straps on the bras I had dark marks and dents in my shoulders. That was all caused by the lack of support of the bra's I wore. I even went to the extreme of wearing two bra's to get the support I wanted and needed.

As I got older and wiser I discovered Lane Bryants Cacique collection which I believe carries great bras as well. But let my tell you, when I put on the butterfly bra I could have shed a tear. For the first time i didn't feel like i was carrying around extra weight. My breast felt so light in the bra and the straps weren't carving lines into my shoulder. I got all of the support I needed without feeling it, the bras are so comfortable. If you also been struggling to find a great bra or simply want to try something new i highly, to the highest power recommend the butter fly bra!

Pics of the bras I purchased!


  1. WOw. I can certainly relate girl. Thanks for sharing. I will check those out very soon. :-)


  2. Do these bras run large to you? I tried them on in my size and they were too big!!! Customer service was NOT good so they could not help me figure things out:(

  3. they do run a little large. i decided to just keep them because i feel it still does its job if i purchase them again i will talk to someone hopefully it wont be bad customer service.

  4. Where can one buy these on South Africa? please I really would need to get some, me and my friends

  5. where can i find butterfly bras in Republic of South Africa