September 21, 2010


                  Top:H&M Jeggings:Target Bag:Steve Madden Shoes:Dolce Vita For Target

I went home (Chicago) This past weekend to handle a little bit of business and of course have some fun. I got my hair done and i have to admit I'm still getting use to all of the weave. It's a full sew in which I've never had before and I'm really missing my hair,which is weird because I've had this hair in for about five days. Anywhoo my sister and I did a little shopping downtown Chicago and we had a blast. I treated her to a day of shopping because she is doing well in school and working. With that said I didn't intend on buying her more stuff than I bought myself. I checked out Zara for the first time and I was nervous I would  fall in love with them more than my all time Fav H&M, but by the end of the day H&M got all of my money and Zara didn't get any, but it's still a pretty cool store.

As far as what I wore that day it was very simple and I loved it. I noticed i've been playing with a lot of masculine looks, which I think is sexy on women. The studded Dolce Vita oxfords are so comfy and cute!I got alot of compliments on them from more men than women which I kinda expected. Until next time ladies.......

what do you think of the hair too much?


  1. Love the hair, kinda have the same hairstyle, maybe I should steal ur style a lil and braid it to the side. Also, I love ur outfit and I think I want to steal that bag.

  2. I love this! I would really like to feature you! :) drop me a line at if you`ll let me :)

    <3 Anika

  3. I get lots of compliments on my DV for Target shoes as well - they're so unique.