August 24, 2010



Top/Shoes: Rue21 Skirt: H&M Purse: Betseyville via TJMaxx

I wore this today to class, and loved it. The skirt is so versatile and I think the floral print top is so cute. I had a old head band that was too big so I cut it and tryed to turn it into a bow, well it kept falling so I called it a sad bow lol. As far as my second day of classes they went well. I met with my advisor and graduation is approaching so fast, and it's both scary and exciting. I have to start planning for life after college and I'm getting stressed just thinking about it. With that said I'm I'm excited for my future I know it will be bright because I truly believe I'm here to live an extraordinary life, being ordinary just isn't for me.

I'm passionate about writing because it gives myself as well as others a voice, which is why I'm a Journalism student. I want to travel the world and write about issues concerning women as well as entertainment and fashion. My goal is to work for a Women's magazine hopefully one of my favorites, Glamour. Though they cover fashion and entertainment they have these great well written articles concerning real issues as well. I have so much that I've written but haven't shared with you all. I do have my random Dear Diary posts,but I've decided to write more on my blog which has turned to a mostly picture blog by mistake. All of my Dear Diary Post will range from random topics about my life to topics that may be serious, to how I feel about things in the entertainment(fashion) world;where I plan to have a career in.If you have any topics you want me to touch on let me know and I would love to hear your feed back on my Dear Diary posts.

So Myderniercri will cover a little bit of everything, my life, my love, my fashion, my music, just me. Hope you dolls love it :)