August 22, 2010

Dear Diary: My Woosaaa Moment

"I'm content with myself, every inch of me. So why? seriously, why do you think YOUR opinion will validate how i should feel about MYself? I wear my hair how "I" want. I dress how "I" want to dress. I act/talk how "I" want to simply because it's who "I" am. If you dont like it "I" dont give a F**** because *Your* opinion doesnt matter"......... Wooosaaaa !!!!! That felt good!

The above statement is exactly how I'm feeling at the moment. Lately and overtime I've gotten ignorant comments either about something simple as my hair to how I act. Some are not meant to be seen as ignorant or offensive, while others are clearly one or the other. Being that I'm 21 it confuses me when I come into contact with people my age or even older, that are still mentally stuck in high school. We all know that criticism is apart of life but when it's not used to better someone but instead put them down sickens me, especially if its for personal gain.

Ever since I was little the fact that I was a bit different from others around me was made clear. I was called "white girl" because of the music I listened to and the clothes I wore, which was out of the ordinary in the neighborhood I grew up in. Whether I'm describing my personality or sense of style I usually end up with the conclusion that I'm a little bit of everything. I'm a hint of vintage because shopping at thrift stores and chatting with my granny about her childhood entices me.  I'm a hint of Urban because I secretly wish I could dance like Ciara and if you take me their I'll have to bring out my "ghetto" side. I'm a hint of preppy because i love to be well put together. With that said, I'm a dash of hippie because sometimes I just don't give a fuck. you see I'm not one to conform so I dont fit into just one category, it's simply impossible.

After years of discovering and accepting who I am I'm the happiest I've ever been with myself inside and out. I've accepted the flaws I can't change and the ones I can are being worked on. So when people take idiotic jabs at me because of who i am, i feel like they are trying to rain on my parade. I seem to always be singled out to be the foot of the joke for some people, people that probably shouldn't be opening their mouth to joke about anyone in the first place. I guess in a room full of coal someone has to be annoyed by the diamond in the corner.

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