May 22, 2010


Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m the girl my friends call on when their relationship is on the rocks. The catch is that I’m single. Not only am I single, but I’ve never been in a committed relationship. So, some may think I should not be dishing out any kind of love advice. I didn’t ask for the job of being the love doctor to my friends, it just happened. It started during my pre-teen years, when dating a boy started Friday after school and ended by Monday. I was like the junior high matchmaker, and if I was lucky I would get the guy that nobody else wanted in the end.

Fast forward to my junior year of college and I still hold the title of love doctor among my friends. Recently, a friend of mine experienced a bad breakup. Who do you think she called on for advice? No, not Oprah! Me of course. It started with her ranting about him being an asshole. You know, with the occasional “How could he do this to me!” thrown into the mix. She then went on to analyze how she could have caused the break up. “He told me I was too childish”, she ranted. What felt like five hours later, I was able to add my two cents. “What he said was a reflection of how he’s acting; he’s childish because he doesn’t want to deal with an issue in what is supposed to be an adult relationship.” Fast forward to the next day, it seemed as if I said nothing, because she was still asking was it her fault.

You see, being the friend that gives this advice is not easy. Sometimes they take your advice and sometimes they don’t, in the end you’re mainly there to listen. I don’t want to sound like I don’t enjoy helping my friends. It’s just that I do at times feel like who am I to give this type of advice. I then, follow that thought with the reality of the situation. I’ve never been in that goo goo gaga kind of love, so I come in with a very honest, and common sense point of view. Through the years I have done nothing but study not only the relationship my parents have, but friends and family as well. I think that has given me the credentials I need. The only thing is that there is never a vacation or a retirement plan, with this position. Maybe if I write a book they will no longer need my help. I have the perfect title! I’m a twenty year old, single virgin, but I know a thing or two about love. So, what do you think?

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