April 7, 2010


Throughout my life I’ve been a big dreamer, from dreaming of being Justin Timberlake's girlfriend, to dreaming of one day attending a university. So far only one of those dreams came true. As children we all dream, I think that’s the best part of being a child. We have that notion of we can do and be anything.

As we get older we still dream,but what comes with that adult imagination, is the reality of the hardships that come along with reaching that goal. That brings me to why I’m sitting here writing this. My junior year of college is coming to an end, and instead of me getting excited about summer I find myself dreaming, and wondering if all of my life's ambitions will come true.

Envisioning the moment when success is at the palm of my hand and I’m able to take it and run as fast and far away with it as I can. Just thinking about it brings an overwhelming emotion to me. So, by now you’re probably wondering what I've been dreaming about. I dream of being a successful writer and even branching off to directing and producing (film/television). I aspire to be The next John Singleton telling the true tales of the Boyz N Da Hood, or even the next Carrie Bradshaw, writing about the struggles of love in a pair of Manolo Blahniks, minus getting married at 40, I would like that to come a little earlier.

With my senior year around the corner ill have to figure out how I can turn my Dreams into reality. Though sitting around and imagining can be the gas you need to start up what can be a bright future. Without incorporating the reality aspect, you’ll probably just end up in your mom’s basement. But even that can be a good career move just Google frank the entertainer.

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