June 9, 2009


I've been M.I.A for 2 long I had to find a way to let the best followers around know whats been up with me. Well my computer is acting crazy right now which is why I'm blogging via my blackberry(I hope it posts!). I have so much stuff I want to tell you guys and show you all. I'm still in love with my pink blazer that I rose from the dead in one of my older post.I had to let it rest for a while after my sister called me dirty lol. I couldn't help it though I fell in love with that jacket. The last few weeks have been busy not to mention my bday is this weekend!!!! So I will hopefully have my computer up this weekend so I can really update my blog asap. Btw I've still been checking out your blog updates threw my phone I looooove the letter to love poem by eclectic cru! Reminded me of something I wrote awhile back...... Update you guys soon bye!

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  1. It's all right, we all have other priorities and other happenings in our lives that puts our blogging at a stand still at times.

    Looking forward to checking out your posts!