October 14, 2010

OOTD:Just Dance!


T-shirt:Target Leggings:Walmart Belted Sweater:TJMaxx Shoes:Dolce Vita for Target

I don't have the best quality of pictures and I don't have great scenery in my outfit posts, so I decided to make these pictures more fun than usual. I came up with the idea of doing action shots since I was already dancing to my Lady Gaga CD. What I didn't know was how much energy and hopefully calories I would burn in order to get these shots. I honestly had to sit down and rest for awhile lol. I'm just wearing a simple outfit that I wore to class. What I love is the belted sweater/vest. I never really delved into belting things I wore, I definitely will have to play around with it more in the future. In other news my schools homecoming is this weekend and I'm so excited so look forward to allllooooot of picture posts! I'm about to head out now to begin my weekend since I don't have class on Friday :)  and in case you were thinking it, no I will not be using any of the moves in these pics this weekend lol.


  1. love this! such a fab way to do this kind of post :)) I think you SHOULD use these moves on the dancefloor hon!!! :) <3

  2. Hi Kenyetta, Very nice pics! Do you have a you tube channel? Id love to see you do some ootd. Thank you R